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The Musicpulse Journey

Musicpulse Academy was started in the year 2016 with a vision of providing top notch education on various musical instruments. With a custom curriculum for your chosen stream, along with learning the basics, you’ll always know exactly what to play & practice for maximum results. 

Our innovative, foundational approach encourages the budding musician in you or your kid to understand music as you play it. We provide vocal lessons that will help develop your singing skills. At Musicpulse Academy, our trained singing teachers help you to learn singing the right way. We believe in staying closely involved with all the classes, both teachers and students and are an integral part of your growth and learning process. 

Our academy constitutes well equipped ambient classrooms curated & fit for learning music.

Music Pulse

Why Music Pulse?

At Musicpulse we strive for your excellence. With a variety of benefits, Musicpulse is your dream destination for music learning be it instruments or be it vocals. With classes 7 days a week, constant feedback is given on your learning and developments. We not just teach you music, we nurture you to benefit from your learning. 

Musicpulse is now online and you can learn right from the comfort of your home.


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Customized Courses

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With a wide range of options available, we offer courses curated exactly to your requirement and liking. We believe in imparting the best training in all aspects, be it a hobby or a career that you have come to build with us. 

Beginners to Advance Level Courses


With a structured curriculum, we offer courses at three different levels: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.The curriculum has been creatively designed including the basics, to not just build a strong foundation but to also bring enthusiasm from within students.

Founder’s Corner

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Manish Agrawal

The interest of a student largely depends on the guidance and support that they get from their teachers. “Our Key to success lies in ensuring the best relationship between Teachers and the Students”.- Manish Agrawal

Musicpulse  is an online music academy for creative excellence in learning Music where we share our passion for music with students from all walks of life.

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: MusicPulse
#1072,1073 Heera Panna Mall, 1st Floor
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai
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: Monday-Friday 11:00am-08:00pm
: Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

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